Regina, SK Rated Top Major Canadian City for Potential Solar Energy

Saskatchewan is known for its unpredictable weather. One day it will be blizzarding, the next it could be sunny enough to get a sunburn. But one thing all residents are aware of is the hot Summer sun that hits southern Saskatchewan as if we were beneath a magnifying glass. It may not happen every day but it is a safe bet that if you were to plan an outdoor event in July, one day of the week will have potential to blur you with heat stroke.

When thinking of weather most people think of Regina as a bad weather city due to the harsh winters. But one great thing about Regina’s weather is the summer sun. As one might think, it has the greatest potential for solar panel’s!

According to Natural Resources Canada, a mapping study in 2007 discovered that  Regina, Sk had the potential of 1361 Yearly PV potential (kWh/kW), landing Regina 1st in Canada, and 6th on the list of major worldwide cities!  Falling just short to Mexico City, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Cape Town, and Cairo, Egypt who leads with 1635 kWh/kW. On the Local stage, we in the lead to Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.55.12 AM

Regina has more yearly solar potential than Sydney, Australia & even Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Having this sort of potential, it is Regina’s responsibility to take advantage of this opportunity by converting our energy uses to solar produced electricity. With the many easy ways to now do so, everyone who can afford this, should.

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